Hunting Prices and Packages 2018


Trophy Whitetail Hunts

2 ½ day hunt        $2,500.00       up to 130 gross
3 ½ day hunt        $3,500.00        up to 140 gross
4 ½ day hunt        $4,500.00        up to 150 gross

Your hunt stay and deposit will apply to fees listed below. Bucks over 150 gross are billed as follows for total price.

150-159                 $5,000.00
160-169                 $6,000.00
170-179                 $7,000.00
180-189                 $8,000.00
190-199                 $9,000.00
200 + and up call for pricing.  Start at 10,000.00

Exotic Hunts

(Note:  If Exotic is taken with a Whitetail hunt, take off 500.00 for lodging and meals.)
Axis                     $2,500-$4,500
Blackbuck          $1,500-$3,500
Fallow                 $2,500-$4,500
Stagg                   Call
Oryx                    Call
Wild Hogs          Call    with stand, stalk, And dog hunts.

All Hunts Include

Lodging and Meals.  Tree stands, ground blinds, and Nature Blinds.  Transportation on ranch and Walk-in Cooler. Gun and Bow Range.  If any hunters are limited to diet and or special needs, please contact us during booking and prior to arrival.

$500 Deposit for Hunt